The supermarket in Auchan gets bad votes for promoting the vacuum cleaner

The supermarket in Auchan gets bad votes for promoting the vacuum cleaner

Welcome to the 1950s. This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Many will be offered flowers, others will not miss the gift hacked by their child, and some may have something to please them. The main thing is intention, isn’t it? What exactly was Auchan’s intention in Orleans to offer a vacuum cleaner in the “Happy Mother’s Day” promotion? However, this approach has caused a great stir on social networks.

This is a picture posted on Twitter on Friday and noticed by our colleagues at Humanitywhich reminds us of old commercials from the time when television was still black and white. Ever since, as Huma regrets in its name, women have been nothing but housewives. Because he has the impression that Auchan still thinks he’s the author of the tweet in the 1950s, CallGate74emphasizes that “For your information, May 26 is the year of Grace 2022.”

“Sexist”, “misogynist”, “cheesy”, “retrograde”

The idea that in the 21st century we can offer a vacuum cleaner as a gift for Mother’s Day has triggered a shower of comments from Internet users. On Twitter, Auchan considers this to be his rank: “sexist,” “misogynistic,” “nerdy,” “retrograde.” If disagreement is almost universal, it can take on different tones. Anger first: “I’ll come and stick your Mother’s Day present on your face. A bunch of misogynists, “Betty protests. “My mother is a maid who only offers household / kitchen products for Mother’s Day,” Jérémy asks. La Meuf makes the point: “Yes, Mother’s Day marketing is Motherhood and sexist,” he insists.

Others preferred humor to criticizing the initiative. “I’m putting on a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. So I’m a misogynist? Selyne asks. “At least they could have promised autonomous vacuum cleaners,” Loïc laughs. “Sunday is Mother’s Day, not Maid’s Day,” Caroline insists.

Some twittos don’t see anything wrong with that, and others have sniffed a “marketing stunt” or an attempt to “create a buzz.” Here and there, a few tweets refute the very idea of ​​satisfying the “party founded by Marshal Pétain” under the Vichy regime during World War II. Karine continues to expand and throws all the parties of this kind into one bag: “It’s all commercial, you have to remember that.” In the meantime, we kiss moms and those who aren’t.

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