This 100 GB package for 7.99 euros (and not only the first year) will prove everyone right πŸ”₯

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Until May 31, the crazy offer allows you to have a mobile tariff with 100 GB of data for only 7.99 euros per month, all without obligation.

It is the shock offer from this end of May that allows you to use a package with a large internet envelope, in this case 100 GB. And it is on the part of Cdiscount Mobile, the virtual operator operating the Bouygues network, that you need to turn to it. Until May 31, the package is 100 GB for 7.99 euros per month (instead of 12.99 euros).

We get this incredible price thanks to a discount of 5 euros. No other mobile operator on the market offers such an attractive offer. Please note that the price of the package is valid not only for the first year and will not increase over time. Specifically, this means that until you cancel the event, it pays for life!

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Cdiscount Mobile dealt a blow with this reduction by almost 40% for this 100 GB package for 7.99 euros instead of 12.99 euros. This has been one of Cdiscount’s top highlights since the beginning of the year. We also recommend that you do not stay too long if you want to take advantage of this. Such an opportunity is very rare and it would be a shame to waste it.

100 GB package, cheap and lifetime valid!

This offer is usually offered by Cdiscount Mobile, but the promotion is generally limited to 12 months and then returned at full price. This is really interesting here, because, as we have already said, the price of the package will be next year and the years to come. The offer is also non-binding, allowing you to cancel whenever you want, at no additional cost.

So you have a cheap package that leaves you free exchange without inconvenience with a price that does not increase even after the first year. There is simply no equivalent offer on the market today. As for the services included in the package, in addition to 100 GB of 4G internet for use in mainland France, there is also a dedicated 12 GB envelope for use from Europe and the overseas departments.

A little more is that this Cdiscount Mobile tariff accompanies you abroad as well. Understand that you benefit from calling / SMS / MMS as in metropolitan France (in addition to the dedicated 12 GB web envelope). You have 38 destinations included, including 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 overseas destinations. A triple-cut SIM card compatible with all mobile phones on the market costs 10 euros and is payable upon registration.

Packages that adapt to your needs

If 100 GB of internet seems too much or too little for you, know that Cdiscount also offers two other packages that will cater to all users. Package 150 GB for 10.99 euros and another 10 GB for 4.99 euros. They have a 10 GB and 15 GB envelope in the EU and overseas departments. For others, the services are strictly identical to the services of the 100 GB tariff. Here are three detailed Cdiscount Mobile tariffs at the moment:

  • 10GB package (+ 10GB EU and DOM) for 4.99 EUR instead of 9.99 EUR (ie saving 5 EUR)
  • 100GB package (+ 12GB EU and DOM) for 7.99 EUR instead of 12.99 EUR (ie saving 5 EUR)
  • 150GB package (+ 15GB EU and DOM) for 10.99 EUR instead of 22.99 EUR (ie saving 12 EUR)

If you come from another operator and want to keep your current number, you can do so free of charge by providing your RIO number. You may be wondering what a RIO number is and what it is? The Operator Identity Statement (RIO) is a unique identifier for a telecommunications subscriber.

It usually consists of 12 characters (letters or numbers). To get it, dial 3179 from your mobile phone. Once you have it, you must enter it when you subscribe to your new operator, who will take care of the portability of your number. So easy!

As you understand, this is a good time to change plans, especially since with such an attractive 100 GB offer for just € 7.99 offered by Cdiscount Mobile, you get a tariff for less than € 10 with many services in force in France. even abroad and, moreover, with a price that does not increase after the first year, all without obligation.

If you want to discover the 100 GB package for 7.99 euros on Cdiscount Mobile, it’s here:

See Cdiscount Mobile packages

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