This Friday, an asteroid with a diameter of 1.8 km will approach the Earth

This Friday, an asteroid with a diameter of 1.8 km will approach the Earth

The asteroid is called 7335 and will still be at a good distance from our planet, 4 million kilometers away. His next visit is scheduled for June 23, 2055.

The specialized site evokes “a huge asteroid, as big as four Empire State Buildings.” This Friday, more precisely at 16:26, asteroid 7335 (1998 JA) will approach Earth. At a good distance as well: 4 million kilometers, which is ten times the path between Earth and the Moon, or enough to avoid any risk of collision.

no threat

But due to its impressive size, 1.8 km in diameter, NASA, the US space agency, classified the 7335 as a “potentially dangerous” object. If its trajectory deviates, it could cause significant damage in the event of a collision with the Earth.

A scenario that shouldn’t happen, especially when the asteroid is well known to the scientific community.

“There is no threat. Statistically, 90% of objects larger than one kilometer are known, which, by the way, is the threshold of a catastrophe if they fell on Earth. To date, the scientific community has identified them all. They are not endangered by any of them for at least a century,” Western France Patrick Michel, asteroid specialist from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

7335 was discovered in 1989 by American astronomer Eleanor Helin, who was working at the Palomar California Observatory in California at the time. The peculiarity is that it is “Apollo”, specifically an asteroid, whose orbit is around the Sun and regularly crosses the Earth’s orbit, reports It moves at a speed of 76,000 km / h.

The most impressive object of the year

NASA adds that it is the most impressive stellar object to pass near Earth this year, among the 29,000 objects it monitors.

It was observed in March, but its approach on Friday will be “closest”. Those who want to see it will have to point their glasses at the constellation Hydra.

His next flyby of our planet is scheduled for June 23, 2055, making this Friday’s event all the more special. However, the most impressive crossover is scheduled for Friday, April 13, 2029.

On this day, the asteroid Apophis, with its 300 meters in diameter, will be nicknamed the “God of Chaos” less than 30,000 km from Earth within range of certain communications satellites. NASA has already ruled out any risk of a collision.

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