This woman has not washed her hair with shampoo for 6 years: Here is what replaced it

This woman has not washed her hair with shampoo for 6 years: Here is what replaced it

Hair washing is an essential step in hair fiber care. Find out how you can stay free of shampoo with one of the most effective D-System treatments. One young American experienced it, according to the British Daily Mail.

For beautiful hair, it is not always necessary to control cosmetics, often filled with silicones and chemicals, which can strain the hair fiber and attack the scalp. An essential component of the house will help you clean up your lengths and ends.

Can you wash your hair without shampoo?

Shampoos can be full of chemicals, including parabens, which can be harsh on the hair. It is better to choose for frequent use a more natural alternative. Applying baking soda to wet hair can be an excellent hair wash. Thanks to its astringent properties, it eliminates excess grease and adds shine to the material.

hair with baking soda

Baking soda – Source: spm

If shampooing your hair can be effective, baking powder can also be used as hair care washing. This astringent product is ideal for oily hair because it regulates excess sebum, which may be responsible for dandruff. It deeply cleanses the hair fiber and, if used well, can repair damaged hair. However, it should be used sparingly and in a timely manner.

beautiful hair

Beautiful hair – Source: spm

A young American woman gives her tip for healthier hair

Laura Ashley is the name of a young woman who created a viral video on Tiktok. In the publication, Veganka confides that she has not washed her hair with shampoo for six years. “My hair looks much healthier now.” […] I wake up, take a shower and I love my hair, “he rejoices. Before the vegan gave up the shampoo, she washed her hair with baking soda and vinegar before simply rinsing her hair with water.

It is sometimes possible to use baking soda to wash your hair. It helps to deeply cleanse the scalp and thus remove stubborn dirt. It can act as a cleansing treatment for release shampoos if you havevery oily hair. To use this cleansing treatment, mix a small amount of baking soda and a little water to make a paste.

Rinse your hair after preparing this cleansing treatment before applying this paste. Then massage your scalp and length with this easy-to-prepare hair treatment. Rinse thoroughly. Then you can use a homemade mask tailored to your hair type!

Can baking soda damage hair?

If a shampoo advocate advocates using this home product before passing, baking soda can be dangerous to the hair in some cases. Although it is recommended for very oily hair when dissolved in water, there is no research to support its effectiveness in softening or adding shine. On the contrary, it can damage the hair fiber and cause irritation to the scalp if used incorrectly, as mentioned in an article in Healthline, which was medically evaluated by Dr.

The transition to no-poo, ie without shampoo, is not without problems. It also helps the planet because you will produce less waste from plastic packaging. You will find healthier hair because your entire hair routine will be completely natural.

However, washing with baking soda is recommended for very oily hair to reduce excess sebum, however it can have side effects if not used wisely. Due, It is recommended to apply regularly to separate shampoos and not intensively, with the risk of opening hair scales. The hair fiber may dry out and the scalp will stop regulating itself. This baking soda treatment is also not recommended for fine and brittle hair.

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