Toulouse: Continental Basso Cambo workers on strike

Toulouse: Continental Basso Cambo workers on strike

Continental Automotive employees at the Basso Cambo plant in Toulouse have been on strike since 19 May. Meetings with management are increasing to increase salaries.

Mandatory annual negotiations (NAOs) are not enough to offset inflation. Continental Automotive employees in Toulouse Basso Cambo have decided to go “in line” and demand an increase of € 300 for all employees and especially the company’s low salaries. The site, which employs 1,500 people and emits electronic circuits for the car market, is running empty or even seems to be at a standstill, according to some strikers.
“Almost 90% of the people employed in production are on strike. This applies to all teams, “says Stéphane Jaïch, a union representative at CGT.

Negotiations have resumed

“Management tells us that inflation in 2021 was only 1.6%. But in fact, everyone realizes that it was much higher, “the delegate continues. The strikers do not intend to wait for talks in 2023 to ask for reinforcements.

“Our purchasing power is collapsing and it will get worse. At the end of 2022, we could have inflation of more than 5%, and that is an optimistic view. But as far as management is concerned, we would have to wait for the negotiations in 2023 to discuss it. In the meantime, you will need to tighten your belt. In addition, energy costs (gas, fuel and electricity) are artificially limited… But for how long? »

According to CGT, the company’s management would propose an increase of 2%, which would “not even compensate for inflation over the last 2 years.” It would also propose the integration of a basic salary and a bonus of EUR 62, which will be part of the profit share.

“€ 300 increase for everyone”

“It simply came to our notice then. But that will not bring us anything every year. They take it from us with one hand and return it to us with the other, “adds Stéphane Jaïch from CGT.

The CGT, for its part, is calling for a general increase of EUR 300 for each, retroactively from 1 January 2022, massive hiring in all departments or the hiring of temporary staff and subcontractors who want it.

Continental management on request Midi Dispatch, was unable to answer our questions yesterday. The strike movement could spread beyond the Pont de l’Ascension if negotiations that resumed on Wednesday, May 25, failed.

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