Trick WhatsApp to find out who has your number without you knowing

Trick WhatsApp to find out who has your number without you knowing

WhatsApp continues to amaze its users on iOS or Android smartphones. Your instant messenger for billions of users is full of secrets that some of you have not yet discovered. It is constantly innovating and offers many features that meet the expectations of Internet users. But the application is full of many mysteries and will not stop surprising you. You can discover another aspect of social instant messaging that allows you to find out who has your number without knowing it.

It is possible that someone has your number if you do not want to have any contact with them. Find out thanks to an unknown trick on WhatsApp, which has your number without your knowledge.

What is this WhatsApp trick that will let you know who has your number without you knowing?


WhatsApp application – Source: spm

When you have someone’s number, you can send them a message on WhatsApp or SMS and also receive everything they send you and check their text or voice messages. If you give someone your phone number, you usually know that person. However, it is possible that someone has your mobile number without your knowledge. We’ll tell you a trick that can find out who saved your phone number on WhatsApp without your knowledge.

Create a mailing list so you know who registered your number without your knowledge thanks to WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp application – Source: spm

This situation would be very unlikely, but it is possible that someone has your number in their address book without your knowledge. It’s hard to know if someone registered our number without knowing it if we don’t receive messages from them. With the WhatsApp application, it is possible to find out if someone has saved your phone number without your knowledge. This system has always existed in an instant messaging application, but it is still rarely used. If you want WhatsApp to reveal its secrets to you, follow these steps to create an email list. The latter is the WhatsApp feature, which allows you to send a message to several contacts at once. These are lists that you create and save with a list of recipients to whom you can send a broadcast message without having to select them again when you want to send the message.

To create a broadcast list, go to WhatsApp and click the three small dots in the upper right corner of the application. Then select “New broadcast”. Add all the contacts and groups you want to send the broadcast to this list. Then send a text message using this selection and wait for your contacts to read your message. Finally, click on the message you sent and select “info” to see the sending details. In the message information, you will be able to see who read it and who received it, and see if the number seems familiar to you.

What to do if someone stored your number without your knowledge on WhatsApp?

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Create a mailing list. Source: spm

When you send a message through the mailing list, you will be able to see who has your number without you knowing it. Only people who have saved your contact in their WhatsApp account can read the sent message. If you do not know one of the numbers who read your message, you can simply block it so that this person can no longer read your messages or try to contact you via WhatsApp or other messaging software.

Mark Zuckerberg’s application has many mysteries that you do not know yet. Thanks to it, you can now know who has your phone number stored in your WhatsApp directory, without you knowing it.

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