Two truths and a lie about the new Renault Austral

Two truths and a lie about the new Renault Austral

The new Renault Austral said everything about it except the prices. AM offers you a small summary “quiz” on this topic.

We can’t be more strategic in the compact and family SUV segment, Renault has been bowing its back for a long time. At the time of the boom in this segment, about ten years ago, Losange had only Qashqai in the bins, artificially restored to the sauce, but not revolutionary for two cents. During this time, Peugeot is unknowingly preparing one of its biggest commercial hits. After issuing 3008 “2”, the lion sends Kadjar back to the ropes. And if the Renault SUV doesn’t have to be ashamed of its career against others, the failure against the 3008 is indisputable. This explains in particular the explosion that Losange is attempting with the new Australian. Without being a new form, the replacement for Kadjar still brings its share of new features – especially in the passenger compartment – and some well-felt secret tips that we can say before we get behind the wheel that its success will be better than its predecessor. Although he should open the order book soon, L’AM offers you a little “quiz” about the new Australia. In the midst of his three statements, two truths and a lie.

1. Renault Austral does not offer diesel

This first statement is true: the new Austral was born without diesel and will never be entitled to it. On the one hand, it is understandable due to the not very favorable time for this fuel, and other French innovations have also chosen it.. But we were also surprised in the segment where motorists are sometimes great warriors … Nevertheless, it will be necessary to rely on petrol, microhybrid or non-rechargeable hybrid engines.

Offer engines to start

  • TCe 130: 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo microhybrid 48V
  • TCe 140 or 160: 4-cylinder 1.3 turbo microhybrid 12V
  • E-Tech 200 hp: 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo 130 hp + electric motor 68 hp (later available with 160 hp)

2. Renault Austral has four-wheel drive

This second statement also applies: Renault Austral will be entitled to rear-wheel drive. This technology, which has been Renault’s specialty among major manufacturers for several years, offers unrivaled agility to all models equipped with it. Obviously, this active chassis will not cover all finishes, only the highest, including the Esprit Alpine. However, it will be the premiere on a compact SUV (4.51 m) for general use and a key advantage over the 3008, which is always sovereign when it comes to road behavior.

3. Renault Austral is manufactured in France

This is false information about this quiz. Despite all the goodwill of Renault to renew the “made in France”, especially by repatriating the production of its new Mégane E-Tech and the presence of small French flags on the surface of Esprit Alpine, in which we could sit, Austral will listen. industrial logics that preceded it. Like Kadjar, its production began in Palencia, Spain. There he still shares a factory with Thermal Mégan, at the end of his career, but it is still being produced.

Published on 05/29/2022 Updated 05/29/2022

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