UNUSUAL. The Peugeot 307 will cover a million kilometers at the factory in Sochaux, where it was assembled

UNUSUAL.  The Peugeot 307 will cover a million kilometers at the factory in Sochaux, where it was assembled

Whoever wants to go far will save his horse. That could be the statement of Picard Fabrice Gommy, a resident of Oise. The man wanted to pay tribute to Lion workers. He set out this Friday, May 27, with his faithful car to the historic factory in Sochaux, Doubs.

Pretty symbol. The car crossed the one million-kilometer mark within the Doubs factory, to which a careful motorist had been preparing a jubilee trip for several months. Workers were waiting for him in the factory. They set up an honor guard!

“Look at them, it’s human warmth.” We look at each other, we understand each other. We do it together. They made the car, we miles. And my mechanic did the maintenance “ entrusted to the owner of the vehicle. “A million is a piece of me” a Sochaux employee who has worked on the website for many years is proudly launching it.

Fabrice Gomme is like his car. We won’t stop when it comes to talking about who’s part of the family.

His 307 SW second-hand station wagon purchased in 2007 from a Peugeot dealer in Compiègne in the Oise department proved to be extremely durable. “I bought it from a Peugeot dealer in 2007, I knew exactly what vehicle I wanted. A big car for my four children with three rows of seats so I could put the latter back.” says the owner of the vehicle also stopped in front of the Stellantis factory in Trémery near Metz in Moselle, where the engine was designed.

This car circled the Earth almost 25 times, spent 5,510 nights under the stars, without a garage, rusted a little. It is surprising that we see her in this state after 15 years.

Fabrice Gomme

“We didn’t have all the data at the time, but I did a survey, read a lot of magazines and found out specifically about one engine that was fitted to the 306 and that was allowed to travel at least 500,000 km. When I chose this engine, I knew I would go far, but I never imagined I would go up to a million kilometers. “ recalls Fabrice Gommé. Only the alternator and clutch housing were changed.

Mr. 307 also works in industry. He wanted to organize a thank-you tour for Peugeot factory employees. From 26 to 29 May, the driver will cruise the Peugeot website.

“I absolutely wanted to see the people tightening the bolts and motors.”. A way to thank them. Of course, with a million kilometers, this customer saw that the door opened easily. An unexpected advertising move for a French car brand.

After stopping at the Peugeot Automobile Museum during his lifetime, the 307 will return to Oise in a few days. “I hope he brings me home, I’ve been afraid he’ll let me go for three years” said Fabrice Gommé with a smile. This diesel-powered car has probably survived in recent months after about forty services and 11 technical inspections. “I paid for this car several times” calculated your driver! It represents the whole era and history of the whole family. All four children in the family went there with an escort.

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