Verstappen and Perez have “no desire” to win the Three Crowns

Verstappen and Perez have "no desire" to win the Three Crowns

If the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the most prestigious Formula One race to be won, the principality event is also part of the “Triple Crown”, which consists of winning the 24-hour Le Mans, 500 miles from Indianapolis and Monaco. Big prize.

Fernando Alonso is the last to attempt this challenge. He lacks “only” the Indy 500 to win today, winning twice in Monaco (2006 with Renault and 2007 with McLaren F1) and in Le Mans (2018 and 2019 with Toyota).

However, this challenge is clearly not of interest to any of the two Red Bull riders who are the last two winners in Monaco: Max Verstappen (2021) and Sergio Perez (2022).

The Dutchman thus confirmed that he did not have “No desire to try to win the Triple Crown, at least not Indycar. I respect what the riders do, it’s crazy, but I don’t want to risk my life or serious injury. Let’s just say it’s not worth it.” in my opinion. “

“Maybe Le Mans. I like endurance racing and I’ll probably do it one day, hopefully soon, but I don’t care much. I try to be the best in F1, but I’m not interested in Triple Crown.” “

Perez doesn’t see it either “No interest. I don’t know if I’ll do perseverance one day, but I don’t think so. I think when I finish F1, I’m going to take care of my kids. I already have three so I’ll be busy.”

Baku: Good memory of Perez, less of Verstappen

While they wait to see if the Red Bull riders will ever change their minds about the Triple Crown, they are now watching the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which will take place in two weeks.

The Baku race did not smile on Verstappen last year because he was close to winning in front of his teammate before his suffering ended in a defect. A year later, he believes this abandonment was “Bad luck, it’s that simple.”

“The team had everything under control and the result would be amazing, maybe it cost us the design championship last year and it was painful, but it happens. It’s part of racing, it’s motorsport, but you shouldn’t think too much.” Cars and tires are different this year and we will try our luck again. “

So it was Sergio Perez who saved the day by winning his first success with Red Bull. Inevitably, memories of the Mexican are much more positive.

“Yes, it was a very special moment because it was my first success with the team. It was a difficult start to the season, so I was very happy to have won my first race for Red Bull.”

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