[VIDEO] Roland-Garros: actors, artists, ministers, athletes … these stars who could be tennis champions

[VIDEO] Roland-Garros: actors, artists, ministers, athletes ... these stars who could be tennis champions

They have made careers in other fields, but are passionate about tennis. Who are these celebrities who excel at rocket in hand?

We won’t see them on the Philippe-Chatrier. And yet, a child’s dream or a second passion, these celebrities wield a little yellow ball with talent.

They could have had a different career

She became famous for her role as Chandler in the cult series Friends, Matthew Perry he could walk on the clay of Paris. As a teenager, he ran junior tournaments and placed 17th in singles and 3rd in doubles in Canada.

But in the end, the Canadian actor did not make a career. “If you play tennis very seriously, you don’t have much time for anything else. For example, to meet pretty girls,” he once explained, as 20 Minutes reported.

Before you go to the dark side of power, Hayden Christensen, the famous performer Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars dreamed of a career as a professional tennis player.

He even started on the circuit by participating in Future tournaments, which is the first level of professional tennis that allows you to earn ATP points. His profile still appears on the official website of the International Tennis Federation.

A famous actress among the ladies Kaley Cuoco he also dreamed of becoming a tennis champion. After starting the sport at the age of 3, she was for a long time among the best players in California in her category before she stopped competing at the age of 16.

These former hopes of tricolor

Handball player on the French side Luka Karabatic and singer Cyril Mokaiesh they were among the hopes of national tennis for some time before deciding on a different destiny. This is also the case with the new Minister of Sport, Amelie Oudea-Casterathe former 255th in the world, who eventually decided to exchange basketball and racket for a school bag and pen to get into the benches of Science Po Paris.

Before I go to rugby, Philippe Saint-Andre he was a good tennis player, to the point where he reached the second series at a very young age. “I gave a lot of effects, I sent the ball back a lot, I was a pretty good player for someone who came to the net. In jargon I was more of a crocodile than an attacker, while in rugby I was more of an attacker than a defender,” said France Inter.

Finally a comedian Eric Judor he was also an excellent tennis player in his youth and achieved an honorable place 4/6. “I had a whimsical temperament, but I watched a very boring game,” he joked a posteriori at JDD.

Far from professionals but passionate

To a lesser extent, other celebrities control the rocket with varying degrees of skill. After an injury marked the end of his football career Yoann Gourcuff breaks out on the courts. He has been in 15th place for several seasons in interclubs at the regional level.

Animator Cyril Hanouna He also likes to hit the ball. He also won a celebrity tournament held at the Porte d’Auteuil. A competition in which the chef also competed John Imbertwhich can rely on dads rated -15.

With his incredible reflexes and supersonic arm, he is a handball goalkeeper Remi Desbonnet, who ended the season at the USAM before joining MHB, also excels in tennis, where he placed 5/6. Like Cyril Hanoun, he now practices fallen very regularly.

Finally a sports journalist Pierre Menes claims to have been rated 15/4 for some time and that he was a tennis teacher at Club Med.

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