Warning of smallpox: If you have this habit in your sex life…

Warning of smallpox: If you have this habit in your sex life…

A statement about “sex life” has been issued, raising concerns about monkeypox disease, which is common in parts of Africa, but has been reported in dozens of countries in recent weeks, particularly in Europe, the United States and Canada. and can have fatal consequences.

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While the world has been facing a coronavirus epidemic for more than two years, the new epidemic has begun to raise concerns …

Monkey pox (monkey pox), which is common in tropical areas of West and Central Africa and in some cases has fatal consequences, has recently been observed in dozens of countries. An alarming warning of the disease came from England and was officially found in countries such as the USA, England, Canada, Austria, Spain and Switzerland.

While many countries call for those who suspect they have the disease and show symptoms to isolate themselves, Dr. Susan Hopkins made very clear statements.


He states that the disease is transmitted through wounds to the skin, mouth, nose and eyes or respiratory tract, Dr. Hopkins explained that sexual intercourse can also cause illness.

Dr. “We recommend that those who have regular sex with different people or those who have a habit of having sex with people they do not know do not do so. If you have such a habit in your sex life and you see swelling and swelling in some parts of your body, you must see a doctor immediately.

The disease causes deformity of the skin.

The famous scientist said that the disease is not only seen in people from abroad, on the contrary, it is transmitted from person to person in the United Kingdom. He also emphasized that there were more than 20 cases in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Hopkins also said that most cases in England are seen in homosexual men, “There is currently no direct vaccine against smallpox. But we are currently using a form of smallpox vaccine, “he said.

US President Joe Biden spoke for the first time over the weekend. “This disease is worrying,” Biden said.

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