Why do some smokers never get cancer?

Ömür Boyu Sigara İçen Bazı İnsanlar Neden Hiç Kansere Yakalanmıyor? Araştırma Sonuçları Yayınlandı

Smoking is one of the habits that causes lung cancer. However, some people do not get cancer even if they smoke all their lives. The new study sheds light on the reasons for this mystery.

According to the Cancer Fighters Association, for every 50 cigarettes smoked, to lung cancer causes an associated DNA mutation. When you smoke for many years and even a lifetime, mutations increase and cancer becomes the inevitable end. However, this is not the case for some people.

We must have heard of people who smoke all their lives and do not have critical health problems in their daily lives, such as cancer. Like us, scientists wonder why this is so. According to the results of the new study, these people are compared with other people who have cancer. “To natural advantage” may have.

There is not always a direct link between the number of cigarettes smoked, the duration of smoking and the risk of cancer:

In Study 14, they never smoked; 19 light, medium and heavy smokers. samples taken from the pulmonary bronchi used. Mutations in the genomes of lung cells were examined in these samples.

Simon Spivack, pulmonologist and epidemiologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA, who was part of the above research team “The lung cells we chose as an example actually are.” decades can live all the time. Mutations can accumulate in these cells due to age and smoking. These are the lung cells with the highest risk of developing cancer. he says.

The researchers say that these cells naturally mutate with age, and emphasize that smoking significantly increases these mutations and increases the risk of cancer. However, according to new results, this risk is as originally thought. proportionately does not rise. Spivack “Top smokers do not have the highest mutations” says and adds:

“Our data shows that individuals who do not have cancer despite smoking can survive as long as they can suppress the accumulation of redundant mutations.”

What is the main cause of lung cancer?

GIF: Respiratory capacity of healthy lungs with cancerous lungs

According to studies on the subject, tobacco smoke causes cell mutations in the lungs, but these mutations turn into tumors, how well he can repair DNA connected. If a heavy smoker does not get cancer, it shows that DNA mutations can be repaired without causing tumors.

On the other hand, it is possible that some people whose DNA mutations cannot be prevented will easily develop cancer even though they consume fewer cigarettes. Although it is lung cancer as a trigger of mutation You don’t just have to smoke. Malnutrition, environmental conditions and a life without sport also trigger these mutations.

Although some smokers get cancer due to their ability to repair DNA, it does not change the fact that smoking is a harmful bad habit. Due to the many symptoms associated with smoking, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, depression or type 2 diabetes such as deadly diseases.

The reasons why some people who smoke a lot do not get cancer are as follows:

GIF: Cancer (green) takes blood vessels (Harvard University)

  • Inheritance of DNA repair genes against mutations
  • Reduce risk by getting rid of food-borne mutations by dieting or eating healthy foods
  • Slowing down DNA mutations by exercise

But why one person is better at repairing DNA than others remains a mystery. Jan Vig, geneticist in the research team “We’re working to find a way to measure a person’s ability to repair DNA and assess cancer risk.” he says.

Here you can access the scientific publication of the relevant research.

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