Why is it smart to charge the phone up to 50%? Many do not know

Why is it smart to charge the phone up to 50%?  Many do not know

We often think of recharging the smartphone until the battery shows 100%. However, this is a mistake that must be avoided in the future. It is best to charge the battery to 50%. Find out why this habit is recommended.

The vast majority charge their phone until the battery shows 100%. However, this is a habit that could damage the battery over time.

Why should you charge your phone to 50%?

In order to have a functional smartphone as much as possible, it is important to respect the charging rules. These include not waiting for the phone to be less than 10%, or even charging the phone up to 100%. And for good reason, these habits damage the battery of your device which is at risk of premature damage. For this reason, it is important to adopt proper charging habits.


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If you want to keep your smartphone for a long time, you need to power it properly and adopt adequate charging habits. It is also important to get rid of certain reflexes, such as letting the mobile phone discharge to 0% or charge the battery to 100%. It is also not recommended to charge overnight. These habits can damage this device after a year. Result: the phone discharges faster. Instead of fully charging the battery, it is recommended to do so in steps during the day, ie up to 3 times a day. To save money, you will need to charge the battery in 50% of the cycle. You can also keep the battery between 40-80%.

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In addition to charging your phone in 50% increments, there are other habits you need to adopt to save your device’s battery. The first is to deactivate applications and programs that you do not use. These are energy intensive and draw from the battery. You can also decrease the brightness in the settings. This gesture will help you use less battery. You can use Power Saver or Airplane mode for IOS. When your iPhone reaches 20% battery, go to “Settings” and then “Battery” to access the first one. We recommend that you limit notifications to keep your smartphone turned on. This will allow you to have more autonomy and delay the demise of your mobile device. To do this, you will need to go to Settings, Alerts and deactivate those of the applications you use most often to avoid excessive power consumption. To keep the battery life for a few more hours if you have an iPhone, we recommend placing it face down on the stand. If this technique is impressive, it is because the proximity sensor prevents the screen from activating when a notification is received. It is also possible to deactivate GPS which you can accept to prevent your phone from turning off quickly. It is also recommended to disable automatic download of updates. For iPhone, go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store> Auto Download. You can also disable mobile data, which has a significant impact on the battery, to keep your device running. These habits will save you a few minutes on the phone.

One thing is for sure: charging your phone to 100% or discharging it to 0% is a bad habit that can seriously damage your battery. Rather, it is recommended to charge the phone in 50% increments.

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