Why isn’t there a bidet faucet in Europe?

Avrupa'da Neden Taharet Musluğu Yok?

Bidet is not a hygiene issue, is it?

I worked for 4 years as a research and development engineer in a toilet company, and with this article I wanted to share my experience in this industry.

First and foremost, to be clean, we need to remove dirt from the area where it is located. Different things are used for this, but the materials used must be economical and sustainable. This material is usually toilet paper. (People living in poor countries use things like corn on the cob, newsprint.)

So let’s say you’re walking down the street and your shoes are full of shit. Do you wash your shoes or wipe them with a napkin? When you say you wash it, we may think washing your ass is a better idea than just wiping it. It is also more sustainable than toilet paper.

Of course, as some friends say, there are hygienic wet wipes that dissolve in water. You can use it if your economic situation is enough for them. However, I do not know how much these napkins are sold for, because I do not use them, and even 32 packs of toilet paper are sold very expensive. they are also far behind conventional toilet paper in terms of sustainability.

now let’s go to the toilet part

Pressurized water is a good tool for mechanical removal of dirt. (Of course, it’s better if you can use soap, but you can do it right in the shower.) Sufficient cleaning can only be done with water and then a small amount of toilet paper.

Do bidets really work?

Many people who are willing to use a bidet at home do not like using a bidet in public. The bidet is considered dirty. Yes, a bidet itself can be dirty, but the water that flows through it is considered clean. (I’ll talk about the acceptable part later.) But the real danger isn’t the water you clean your butt, but the places you touch in the toilet. If you flush an open toilet bowl, you will contaminate everything in the room. because water particles are sprayed by the air and contaminate objects such as door handles, toilet paper and toothbrushes. Bacteria also multiply in these particles. Be sure to close the toilet lid before rinsing.

mythbusters even has a section on this topic

Have you ever wondered why toilet bowls are made of ceramic? Ceramic structures are made by being covered with a glass structure called a glaze. The surface roughness of this glassy structure is very low and therefore bacteria are very difficult to attach to it and a large percentage of the toilet is usually cleaned only with rinsed water. even if you clean the toilet with heavy chemicals, it will wear the glass structure and reveal a coarser and waterproof structure underneath. This causes results such as odor and bacterial growth. Some brands of toilet bowls are more expensive than others because the glassy structure I mentioned can be made more antibacterial by research and development (or by creating other coatings on it).

So why isn’t there a bidet in Europe?

In fact, it exists, but in a different way. They do this with another ceramic product, which we call a bidet. You can think of it as a sink where you wash your ass.


so why isn’t tithing like us?

In most cities in Europe, tap water is extremely clean and drinkable. the faucet and bidet faucets are connected to the same installation. Here we come across a standard called en1717. According to this standard, if the toilet is clogged and overflowing, the water entering the bidet will contaminate the entire tap water. How the product is designed in accordance with this situation is stated in the same standard. Because our bidet systems do not meet this standard, they cannot be sold in Europe. So isn’t our water polluted in this case? in fact, the water we wash our hands, rinse our mouths or put in the dishes from the tap, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, carries the same risk of contamination. If you throw something other than toilet paper in the toilet and clog it, you will contribute to that as well.

Of course, everything you use in public has a risk. I also see the use of the toilet as the least among them. (For example, appliances that air dry your hands are much more dangerous.) If you want, you can buy portable bidets and carry your bidet with you.

I also want you to think about it. How many people sit in your seats on the bus every day? The gaps between the seams of underwear and pants are a huge space for bacteria. so you can actually imagine it as if we were sitting on the couch naked 🙂

Finally, I leave a video that summarizes the whole topic.

to your home if you have the opportunity. from smart toilets take it. most of them also have a bidet hiding and cleaning function. Thanks to the drying function, you do not need to use toilet paper. She also does a bidet water massage 🙂


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