Why the official iPhone repair kit is so cumbersome

Why the official iPhone repair kit is so cumbersome

A journalist from The Verge tried to replace the battery of his iPhone with an official repair kit from Apple, which was recently available. A set that weighs 35 kilograms to replace a 30 gram battery.

Apple’s official fix pack // Source: The Verge

Editor of The VergeSean Hollister, told the story of replacing the battery of his iPhone 13 mini, which he did himself using an official repair kit from Apple.

Last year, Apple announced the launch of its Self Service Repair program. You can order the replacement of parts and tools for repairs yourself. This service is available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 for screen, battery or camera repair. It started recently in the United States and will expand to other countries later this year. But as you can see, it’s more of a test than a sympathy from Apple.

Repair kit 35 kg

If Sean Hollister expected to receive “box of screwdrivers, spatulas and pliers“It’s not like that. He actually found two Pelican crates on his doorstep with a total weight of over 35 kilograms. He sat down at the table and began replacing the battery, equipped with all the tools and machines, as well as repair instructions.

Two Pelican suitcases, including an iPhone repair kit // Source: The Verge

First step: remove the screen and place the phone in the heating station. Once the screen is detached from the body, it must be completely detached in order to gain access to the battery through the surgeon’s improvisation during repair.

Repaired iPhone 13 mini by Sean Hollister // Source: The Verge

Once the old battery is removed, the new one must also be inserted and pressed by the machine. A complicated step, because you have to be careful to align it well and reconnect the battery connectors, but also the screens. Everything can be reattached with adhesive foil to stick to the press. But be careful: if not all the glue has been completely removed before, it can go wrong when you tap the screen.

The press is used to place a new battery // Source: The Verge

Once the new battery is installed and the iPhone is turned on, it’s not over. The battery is not recognized as original and a warning appears on the journalist’s phone. In fact, you need to contact andApple’s third-party logistics company after the repair so that it can verify the part for youYou need a computer and a Wi-Fi connection to do this, because the process requires restarting iPhone in diagnostic mode and it’s the company that takes it over remotely.

Almost industrial machines, a very complete set: you can say that it’s all expensive. Yes and actually not. The battery cost was $ 69 for Sean Hollister; so much Apple charges for battery replacement, including labor. Then comes $ 49 for renting tools in a set for a week; good news, delivery is free. Eventually, however, a deposit of $ 1,200 per set comes in, which can be lost if the tools are damaged or returned too late.

Apple doesn’t want you to fix your iPhone yourself

35 kg set, long and tedious process, state-of-the-art tools, all for battery replacement. Hollister points out that it would actually be very expensive for Apple to deliver and collect a heavy repair kit, especially to individuals; much more than $ 49. For him, “Apple’s self-service repair program is the perfect way to give the impression that the company supports the principles of the right to repair without even supporting them.In the first line, the bail is $ 1,200: not everyone can pay this amount at once and it remains high.

IPhone discovered (as your bank account if you rent a repair kit) // Source: The Verge

All this means that a typical customer will probably not want to use this self-service fix kit for their iPhone because it is more expensive, probably less successful and much longer.

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