Will the smallpox virus cause a new pandemic?

Will the smallpox virus cause a new pandemic?

Will the smallpox virus cause a new pandemic?

The question of “smallpox virus will cause a new pandemic”, which is on the agenda of most days, is on the agenda of most of us. There are good reasons to ask this question. The coronavirus has affected millions of people by spreading to almost every country, with 10,100 cases between countries.

While monkeypox virus-related diseases have only occurred on the African continent in the past, they have only begun to appear in European countries in recent years. Should we be afraid of this situation?

Vice-Rector of the University of Health Care – Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Prof. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın, “Although the number of cases of the disease is increasing in a small number of countries, I think that both the number of cases and the number of countries will increase in the coming days. That is why Covid-19 It is not possible for us to encounter the image we experienced in the pandemic, “he said.


Aydın says the following about the reason for this claim; “The rate and rate of human-to-human transmission of the disease is not as high as Covid-19. The disease is transmitted to humans primarily through rodents imported from Africa and skin lesions that result from direct human-to-human contact.” person, leading to disruption of skin integrity. This is usually in contact with the skin. and less likely through sexual intercourse. Respiratory transmission requires very close contact (less than 1 meter) and intensive coexistence for a very long time in one environment.


So will this virus get us into a process of being cut off from life and locked up in our homes, like during the Covid-19 pandemic?

prof. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın says: “Our predictions are that the monkeypox virus will not show a similar course to the coronavirus we have experienced in the last two years. The disease will not affect our lives socially and economically as Covid-19.”


Aydin said reports of an increase in the number of quarantine countries on sick people in Europe were confusing and worrying, pointing out that it should not be assessed in the same way as coronavirus conditions, and said: “The wave is realistic. Because the rate of asymptomatic cases in Covid-19 is very high. uncontrolled spread. “

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