Yannick Bru, manager of Bayonne, winner of Oyonnax: “We will not be favorites for once”

Yannick Bru, manager of Bayonne, winner of Oyonnax: "We will not be favorites for once"

Yannick Bru, manager of Aviron Bayonnais, qualified for the Pro D2 final after his victory against Oyonnax in the semifinals (32-20): “I mean, the mission is almost complete.” We have the last step left, which is often the most difficult, I am well aware of that. I want to congratulate the whole group, because the preparation was not easy, there was a lot of uncertainty before the match. The group answered. The bench brought us a lot today, in the last part of the match.

Mont-de-Marsan (future opponent in the final) deserves respect. Because they built their season very demanding last season. So there was questioning, work and congratulations on the success they achieved throughout the season. They spent most of the season in the lead, they were ahead of us the whole time. It will be a different match, it will be the final, but they are still the ones who dominated the season.

Our group has set itself the task. We’ve been thinking about this every day for the last twelve months. It wasn’t easy. At times, the expectations they placed on us did not come true. But the character was always there. The desire to respect the treaty has always been there. I have always had confidence in this group, which never betrayed the shirt. The contract is fulfilled during the season in terms of obligations. Now we have to get this little bubble of luck after these 80 minutes against Mont-de-Marsan. We will not be favorites for once. »

“It was a great atmosphere, a good match in the final phase. These are the moments you remember in your rugby career.

Jean Monribot, third line of Bayonne

Jean Monribot, third line of Bayonne: “We were afraid of this match, we had a good dance in Oyonnax. Here they came with their second team. We found ourselves in a popular position, a sign that doesn’t suit us very well. In the first period we had problems in the rucks zone. In the second period, we corrected the shooting for offensive support. We tried to bring more dynamism. In moments of excitement, you have to return to simplicity, the basics, not adding pressure. We knew we had to shake them because they were very well organized with their kicking game.

I slept with Guillaume Rouet before the match (Bayonne scrum-half)we had a quiet evening among the lovers (smile). I wanted to enjoy such moments. The public carried us, supported us, from the first to the 80’sE minute. It was a great atmosphere, a good final match. These are the moments you remember in your rugby career.

We know we had a hard time against Mont-de-Marsan this year, it’s a team that surprised everyone. It will be a small boxing match. Those who are on the match list will be favored. But first we have a beer or two, we have to rehydrate (smile). »


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