You have left your job: Here are 5 things you must remove from your computer!

Quitter votre emploi

With the ever-changing world of work, there is a good chance that you will have to change society at one time or another. Putting your computer into operation will be an inevitable step in the process, but if you do it irresponsibly, you run the risk endanger your personal safety. But also so that you are unprepared for your new job and involuntarily skip steps. Here are five basic tips you should follow before you leave your job. This is on the following lines!

Be sure to consider the following details before leaving your job

You never know when old files may come in handy. If your old Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel files were important, chances are they could be used to complete your resume or prepare for a future presentation. External hard drives, CD-Rs or USB sticks are obvious ways to back up these files. If you don’t have them, it’s not a problem. Of course, you can email these documents to your personal account, but you can also use an online storage solution, such as Google Drive. Basically, these are things that need to be saved before you leave your job.

However, there are some that you must at any cost clear! To name a few, the most important thing revolves around your personal files, such as photos or tax documents. Personal life should generally not interfere with professional life.

Clear search history

Backing up old Word documents is important, but backing up e-mail logs and contacts can be just as important. essential for information retrieval recommendations and networks. Also, internet history, cookies, cache, passwords, bookmarks … all these items will disappear before you finish your work. You don’t want a stranger to easily access your connected account on, do you?

Web browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer let youeasily erase this data. Taking Internet Explorer as an example, you can delete all this information by clicking Tools> Internet Options> click “Delete tlačítko” under Browsing History> and check everything before clicking “Delete”. To remove individual bookmarks, click the star button to go to the bookmarks tab, then select “organize bookmarks” from the drop-down menu. What to remember before you leave your job.

Termination: These are important things to consider

Make sure you’ve searched the Desktop, Downloads, and My Documents folders, as well as any other storage locations you may have used. If you cannot find the file you want to delete, use the Windows search function to find JPG files, documents, mp3, etc. which could “hurt” you. And don’t forget dump garbage ! And of course, don’t forget to delete your password before finishing your work. You have to be logged in somewhere and these platforms had to have your information “automatically” stored in their database.

Timing is key when it comes Keep your basic information before you leave your job. The best solution is to start securing this data as soon as you know you are about to file a notification. Or even as soon as you plan to find a new job. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need before anyone in the company finds out you’re leaving. This way, you won’t lose anything if the company lets you go when you resign.

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