Your smartphone has a slot on the top: a little-known feature that makes life easier

Your smartphone has a slot on the top: a little-known feature that makes life easier

Have you ever noticed that small slit at the top of your cell phone screen? Can you tell me exactly what it is for? If you are interested, the answer is here!

You’ve probably noticed that Android mobile phones are constantly innovating in terms of design. Some have a curved screen, while others reveal a folding screen. But there is one detail that everyone shares: the famous black slot set above the screen and with a number of small dots. It quickly masks between the frame and the screen of your device. However, this curious area is not there by chance…

What is the slot above the smartphone screen?


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A lot of people think it’s a speaker, but they’re wrong. The slot protruding from your mobile phone plays an important role in your daily communication. In fact, it’s a handset. It is often quite long on Android devices, while it doesn’t take up much space on iPhones.
When you call, this slot works in coordination with the small holes on the top and bottom of your cell phone. However, if you choose to use a speaker, your partner’s voice will not come from this slot, but rather from the bottom speaker.

Warning: You must always avoid water contact with this area, as it is very fragile and threatens to rust.

What is the notch on cell phones?

This notch, also called “notch”, is actually a type of camera integrated directly into the screen of certain devices. Includes various sensors, including proximity sensors or infrared sensors.

So Notch is a module located at the top of the mobile screen that is used to access the front camera and various sensors.

What’s the point of the little hole in the top of your cell phone?

use a cell phone

Using a mobile phone – Source: spm

The small hole located at the top of your smartphone serves to improve the quality of your calls and to reduce noise coming from outside. This way they will be clearer. The small hole located at the bottom of your mobile phone, in turn, serves as a microphone. And when you think about it, many users still thought the speaker also worked as a microphone.

Therefore, you should always be very careful when inserting the safety pin, as you can damage the microphone very quickly.

Often there is a hole directly at the charging or docking port of your mobile phone. Therefore, make sure that it is always clean so that you do not reduce its service life.

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