Yvelines. 400 Wifi terminals and 57 computers stolen from the Renault Technocentrum

Guyancourt (Yvelines) : le constructeur automobile Renault a été victime du vol de 400 bornes Wifi et de 57 ordinateurs portables.

Guyancourt (Yvelines): Renault has been the victim of 400 Wifi terminals and 57 laptops. (© 78news)

A couple of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis – odd. 93) was submitted to a court on 25 May Versailles. The 33-year-old couple is accused of stealing nearby 400 WiFi hotspots on Renault Technocentre of Guyancourt (Yvelines).

The affair broke out after two complaints from the carmaker.

€ 300,000

The first covers the period from 1 March to 26 April 2022, with the demise of these 400 terminals during network modernization work. Preliminary damage: EUR 300,000.

The second is more limited in time: between April 5 and 7, 2022. During this period, 57 new laptops and their accessories disappeared. They were stored and awaited distribution to employees.

In the face of the extent of the damage and the industrial sensitivity of the plaintiff, the Department for Damage to Property of the City Security ofElancourt was entered.

At leboncoin.fr

The police immediately set out to search the scene leboncoin.fr he hoped to find the material for sale. Advertising caught their eye. From there, they returned to the suspicious couple by verifying the IP address.

By interviewing the pair, investigators found that the man worked for a service provider on the spot Renault from Guyancourt.

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The history of advertisements published by men and women and the misuse of bank accounts culminated in the conviction of police officers.

Arrests and searches therefore began on the morning of 24 May.

The dog, which specializes in searching for drugs and banknotes, placed his paw at 2,700 euros in cash and a plate of hemp resin. Laptop and computer equipment from Renault Technocentre were also discovered.

Full confession

The couple fully confessed during the hearing.

“He explained to him that he had stolen the equipment gradually, during his interventions at Renault. Everything was then sold on leboncoin. His partner admitted that he had benefited financially and confirmed the amount of 300,000 euros. »

A source close to the case.

An amount that would be wasted quickly because the courts confiscated only € 8,000 during the trial.

Until the hearing, the couple was placed under judicial supervision. Until now, no one has been known in court.

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